How the Subscription Works

When you sign up for Toy Box Monthly, every month your child will receive our signature high gloss yellow box, which features our mascot Boxy! 

In the box, your child will find 4 to 6 age appropriate (4 to 8 years old) surprise licensed toys and blind bags from the brand they've been asking for. 

Additionally, our group of child development experts will curate a monthly unique postcard from Boxy. This postcard will include fun facts, puzzles and games that's aimed to further your child's development through play.

Step 1

Find the right box for you. 

We have boxes for Boys and Girls. We also offer a box with Mixed toys.

Each box comes with 4 to 6 licensed toys that your 4 to 8 year old child will love! The toys are from all of the brands you know and love, including Marvel, Barbie, etc.

Step 2

Choose the term of your subscription.

 Now it's time to choose the term of your subscription.

You can select Month to Month, and cancel at any time. You can also select 3, 6 and 12 month boxes that allow for uninterrupted service AND offer big discounts.

Step 3

Unbox, Play, Grow

Every month, your child will be excited when their shiny yellow box arrives in the mail. 

Unboxing the toys is just half the fun. With a unique "postcard" from their new friend Boxy, your child will develop their skills while playing.

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